We all know about some study hacks, life hacks, food hacks, but what about healthy home hacks? Many of us live in houses that can make us sick, and instead of waiting for someone else to do something about it, we ourselves can start first.

There’s a reason why I don’t like winter in NZ. Because when I walk into my house, it feels like I walked straight into a fridge. It just gets too cold at home to do anything but eat— even moving around the house becomes difficult due to my Eskimo attire.

Like many other students living in NZ, I am also living in a cold, damp home. It never bothered me before because I thought it was normal; everyone else seemed to be living in cold homes too. But after getting a chance to understand more about NZ homes, I realised that I was living in an unhealthy home.

But what exactly is a healthy home though? A simple definition of it would be:


Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? But sadly, the reality is that many NZ homes are cold and damp. Cold and damp homes are unhealthy because they can make you sick! The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C for healthy living, but the indoor temperatures of many NZ homes are below this — sometimes by a lot! My bedroom temperature in winter is only around 13°C. It’s crazy, because did you know if indoor temperatures are below 16°C, the risk of respiratory illnesses increases? We really shouldn’t be living in cold homes!

We know we shouldn’t; howeversometimes we don’t seem to have a choice. I know, as a student, sometimes we have to compromise between health and affordability, so many of us just have to put up with it. But what if there is something we can do ourselves to improve our home environment? Would you want to know and do something about it? I would. And that is what “Healthy home hacks” is all about— simple and easy hacks for all NZ students who want to do what they can to improve their unhealthy homes. Perhaps we don’t have a choice about where we live right now, but we do have a choice to do something about it right now. Check out the 10 healthy home hacks every student should know:

Home Hacks

I am just a student who lives in a cold, damp house and wants to do something about it. What about you?

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N.B The topic of healthy homes is broad and many factors do need to be considered e.g. overcrowding. However, our “Healthy Home Hacks” project is only focusing on the temperature, humidity and ventilation of a house and how we can improve these factors with simple hacks.

Words and Photo by Pei-Ju Chou.