We all wear them. We all have them, or know someone who’s feet are just close enough to our size that you can wear theirs (my sister). But how many of us know where they come from? How did they come to be? Who was stoned half out of their mind when they decided to mass produce ‘jandals’!

Well, believe it or not but jandals were first invented in 1957 by Morris Yock, and they were inspired or derived from—depending on how you want to look at it—the Japanese sandal, or so his son explains. I guess that explains why so many of us throw them on with socks. The name was trademarked in October 1957 and can only be used by the owner, which is now Sanford Industries.

The trademark has been with a couple of companies now, and the current owner is actually a gumboot maker, but hey they’re still making our jandals so who are we to complain? Can we still call them jandals though? Once upon a time the Viking Industries probably wouldn’t have let us, but hey, what are they going to do, jandals aren’t theirs now…but they are Sanford Industry’s.

By Nicki Spring