by Majdi Khamis

I am lucky to attend the media preview of this year’s graduating class of Unitec Dance students’ final performance, Showcase 17, last Wednesday at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre. What’s so exciting about this event is that some of the best choreographers of the country worked with our students to deliver a creative and artistic contemporary dance performance that got the audience gaze in admiration!

Showcase 17 presents eight engaging, entertaining, and energetic dance performance from diverse guests, including successful graduates of the Unitec Contemporary Dance programme, international artists, and icons of NZ dance. The shows are:

  • Powhiri – Interwoven Night by Charles Koroneho
  • Untitled by Kelly Nash
  • The Wind and the Wave by Zhao Zhibo
  • Concert of Birds by Michael Parmenter
  • PO HA by Katie Burton & Paul Young
  • Knee Dance by Douglas Wright
  • Band Solo by Tamsyn Russell
  • Finale by Joshua Cesan

I am not a dancer but I assure you, there are no words to explain how incredible the showcase was. The dancers, the lighting, the music, and the sound effects joined together created an astounding atmosphere! I was observing attentively the dancers as they move and show art that is choreography. I was really intrigued and at the end, I was heavily applauding. Of the shows mentioned above, I enjoyed the Finale the most. It showcased street/hip-hop dance and speaks about maintaining individuality within a team.

I applaud our students for giving me one of the best nights I had this month. Through their dance, I see how much effort, love, and passion they put in every move they made. Job well done guys and congratulations on reaching the final performance! I wish them all the best in their future career and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us after this.

Catch our students perform live in Showcase 17 from 16 – 19 November at Raye Freedman Arts Centre.