by Jordan Benjamin

Jordan Benjamin was an Osteopathy student at Unitec and she has some great advice on how to wake up your mind and body each morning. Taking the time to properly ease into your day can make all the difference to your afternoon and evening activities. Test out these simple steps to see if they make a difference in your daily well being!

Wake up with enough time to get everything done before you leave the house. In taking your time to finish everything up properly, you will leave with a sound and clear mind.

Start warming up in bed… your partner may be able to help with this one!

When you get out of bed, don’t go straight to doing stretches, your body seizes up overnight and doing stretches straight away may cause injury. Warm up to your warm up!

Get moving, walk around, and bend your knees and elbows. Stretching in the shower is very effective because your muscles are already warmed up by the steam and water. Take time during this part of your morning routine to focus on stretching out your neck and shoulders!

Once warmed up, stretch out the rest of your body. Try to do this in a warm, non-stressful environment. If short of time, do your stretches while making breakfast (waiting for the kettle to boil/ toast to pop).

EAT BREAKFAST. A healthy breakfast of fruits, nut and cereals, drink something other than coffee or tea (such as water or real fruit juice). Try not to eat artificial foods and processed sugar (honey instead of sugar, avocado instead of Marge).

Take a minute to breathe and relax before getting on with your day. There is no point in stressing out before your day even starts. A clear mind in the morning will help you to focus on your tasks throughout the afternoon and evening.

Once you’re out the door, consider the following:

  • Cardio and strength – bike/walk/run to school; Unitec has showers!
  • Walk 10,000 paces a day.
  • Ditch the elevator and take the stairs.