Congratulations, Rosie and Manoj!


Hi there! I’m Rosie and I am in my third year of Screen Arts. I’m re-running for my seat on the Student Council because over the past year I’ve come to see what a difference it can make having a seat at the table and represent the students’ voice, YOUR voice in fact.

Life as a student can be tough, the academic side of things is difficult enough but when you add in the extra financial, mental, and physical stress of study, it can all be a bit much sometimes. I want to be there to ensure Unitec is serving YOU and doing everything it can to remove those extra barriers to study. After all, YOU are their customer, YOU are paying a lot to be here, and YOU should be getting the best that Unitec has to offer.

Being able to influence what our student experience looks like, and seeing the positive results of our team’s efforts have made me even more determined to keep speaking up for your rights and striving to make our time here the best it can be. I would be honoured if you voted for me so that I can continue to serve you.


My name is Manoj Padmanaban and I am doing Postgraduate Diploma in Computing at Mount Albert Campus. I came to New Zealand last February 2017 and started my college life from there. I have recently completed my first semester in Computing.

I’m an international student and I am pleased to represent the people who came from different cultural and traditional background around the world. I can understand and relate the challenges faced by every international student in terms of Education, Insurance and Jobs. The biggest challenge that students facing here is finding the right person at the right time. As a student representative, I’m committed to helping the student to achieve their respective goals. I will be available all the time for the students who are in need of help and whoever is facing challenges to get the right information. Furthermore, I will try to get more details about the job opportunities and the visa formalities to help the students to secure a safe journey.

As an international representative, I would like to act as a bridge connecting the people from different backgrounds together and helping them to achieve their goals by guiding them in the right direction.