During my childhood, belonging to a Hindu family, I was taught about the legendary goddess, Parvati (पार्वती), and her Nava Durga Roops (incarnations). Ever since then, she is my idol. My goddess is my power icon! She comes in different impressions and different expressions:

The one on the left is Mahakali (महाकाली), her angry roop, wherein she slays the head off of every ill human she sees on the planet, such as rapists, murderers and criminals. She is not wearing any saree drapes because she is angry. She doesn’t care about any fear: fear of being questioned why she hasn’t worn any suitable cloth to hide her body or why she is not behaving properly. She, however, is also Durga (दुर्गा) Maa, the Holy Goddess as shown on the right, beautifully ornamented and draped in the holy saree. She is the most beautiful form of a woman.

I idolise my Goddess. Her expressions say, “I do not fear some human dictating how I must act in the society.” For me, my Warrior Goddess is the supreme. She never told us to be afraid of portraying ourselves indifferently in any way we decide.

My Goddess only wants us to be happy and generous. She wants us to never sit still, do nothing, and don’t oppressed by bad demons. She is teaching us to rise above! She has never ordered any women to sit in a perfect manner, dress in a strict attire, or talk in a particular wavelength of voice. She is against oppression!

I don’t understand how some people can misunderstand her when she was clear with her facts that a woman can be polite when she is respected but can also express the aggression if her dignity is at stake.

If I am happy and I feel safe in my attire, who are you to judge? As a person, as a woman, I can be whatever I wish to be. I will have emotions and moods not because I am a female but because I am a human being like any other.

I will present myself according to my desired thoughts. I am not afraid of being who I am because I strongly believe that if I am true to my soul, if I am not harming anyone, if I have strength and boldness in me, my Goddess will protect my dignity, my pride and my honour.