I don’t know if this happens on the girls’ toilet but, come on boys, please turn off the faucet after using it!

It is still a mystery to me why every time I visit the toilet, there’s always a running faucet left. Is it to cover the sound you make when you do #1? But why cover it when the two sound the same? Is it to cover the sound you make when you do #2? Seriously, why?

Please try to conserve the water you get for free. We take it for granted when in fact, so many of us need water but don’t receive it. I know it can be a small thing for you but think about this, every time you conserve water, you save our planet. Sounds like an easy thing to do to help out, right?

Next time you go to the toilet, either sing while you do you your business or just let the natural sounds come out and be heard. After all, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all do it!

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