by Carl Salas

Platform 9 & 3/4 was about to close…

This year, we had the pleasure of hosting the Architecture Ball and has extended the invite to our fellow architecture students at the University of Auckland. The theme was The Yule Ball, a fancy themed ball inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. The committee consisted of students from 1st to 5th-year students and it took about 4 months of advance planning while also studying full-time to make this event happen.

We wanted to host an event between the two schools of Architecture to allow the students to better know each other. Who knows, we could all be working in the same firm in the next couple of years? It was also the perfect opportunity to celebrate enduring the first, and for some, the last half year of our degrees. There wasn’t any sort of big event that allowed for us students to kind of get to know each other, let alone get to hang out with other Architecture students from other universities, so a ball was the perfect idea to tackle this problem. Both departments took the idea on and pushed for it to happen. We had around 370 students from both universities take part in this massive event packed with amazing audio and visual light show.

Come the big night and everyone was all dressed up and looking very dapper! From start to finish, I can assure you everyone had a great time dancing and getting to know one another. We couldn’t ask for a better event and HUGE thanks to the Unitec Student Council for the funding to help make this event a reality!

Check out the awesome shots from the night taken by Jammin’ Creative here.