It is just me, but am I the only one who came to see Annabelle: Creation not to get scared but to be entertained?

Annabelle: Creation brought us back to the events before the first Annabelle movie and narrated how the doll became dangerous. A group of orphan girls, together with a nun, got offered a new home by a dollmaker and his wife after the couple lost their own daughter in a car accident years prior. But later on, as they started settling down, strange things happened and a devil was awakened to terror all of them.

I haven’t seen the previous Annabelle movie so I can’t make any comparison and I told myself not to compare this to the Conjuring films, which all of them disappointed me. However, this movie may have failed to scare me but it did entertain me throughout! What I liked about Creation is that the characters are likeable, especially the two lead child actors – Talitha Bateman and Lulu Wilson.

Bateman and Wilson are both exceptional in the roles they have and the chemistry between them was undeniable that I couldn’t help but feel sad when they have to be separated. Bateman played Janice, who is suffering from polio, but her character is not annoying or drowning from self-pity. I did feel bad for her at times but she was smart like Wilson’s character, Linda. And Linda, she’s real! Especially when she shouted, “Who cares? Run!” instead of just standing there and wait for the demon to approach them.

As I haven’t seen the previous Annabelle, I was so ecstatic when the last scene arrived and the Form family was shown on screen! I was screaming internally cos for me, it ended up perfectly. Valak was hinted out earlier with the nun’s photo during her time in Rome and then here comes the murder of the Higgins.

Erratic, funny, atmospheric, and at times, creepy… Annabelle: Creation is definitely the best among the Conjuring series.