There are so many things happening around the world today that require a ‘revolution’.

Revolution, after all, brings fire to the passion and the hope sleeping inside of us. With Love Revolution, we try to fix humanity’s broken heart. Even though it seems impossible, we hope and believe.

We talk about the things calling us to “be” the transformation, connection, and inspiration we seek in this issue. The things that ask us to be a person who will fight for what we believe in, will respect other people no matter what their skin colour or gender is, will love regardless of time and distance, will study abroad to experience new things, will lend a shoulder to a friend in need, and will continue doing acts of kindness amidst the terrifying news around us.

Turn to the middle page, and you’ll see the platform we have provided for you to start the change you want to see. Fill it in, take a photo, and share it with your friends and classmates online. (Don’t forget to tag us and include #loverevolution on your post!) There is a special prize waiting for you so head over to our Facebook page for more info.

If you know anything that needs attention, let us know. Our Student Advocates can help you with study or legal issues. Our Student Council is your go-to team for being heard on the campus. Our Student Reps will help you sort out any difficulties you have in your courses.

Send us your artwork, poetry, photos, writings, and songs. Start your revolution now and let us help you be heard!