*Updated for Academic Year 2018.

Due Date
 Nominations Close  Wednesday 5 September, 5 pm
 Candidates’ Meeting  Thursday 6 September, 5 pm
 Candidates’ Photos Due  Friday 7 September, 3 pm
 Campaigning Starts  Monday 10 September
 Voting Opens  Monday 17 September
 Voting Closes  Friday 21 September, 4 pm
 Election Results  Friday 21 September**

**Timing subject to results availability.

Key Contacts

Elections Team elections@edcollective.org.nz

Sue Higgins Representation@unitec.ac.nz

Nigel Green elections@edcollective.org.nz

Elections Teams’ Guidelines

All candidates must adhere to the following guidelines. Non-observance can be grounds for disqualification as a candidate.


A meeting and briefing sessions for ALL candidates is scheduled for Thursday 6 September at 5 pm in Building 111 Room 1033 Mt Albert campus. We intend to take photos of candidates at this event, so please be ready for that. If you are unable to make this time, the Elections team will contact you some other way to give you information one-on-one and to arrange for your photo to be taken.


Candidates may start a Facebook page saying they are running as soon as they have submitted their nomination and received an email from The Elections Team that confirms nomination has been checked and accepted.

Physical campaigning on campus is encouraged from Monday 10 September.

Candidates may not interfere with the campaign of other candidates. Penalties for doing so can include disqualification.

You may have one or more volunteers helping you with your campaign publicity. Candidates are responsible for the actions of these people and must register their ‘election team’ with the Returning Officer elections@edcollective.org.nz


Candidates found to be sending bulk unsolicited emails/messages to students will be disqualified. Bulk unsolicited messages are emails/messages sent to a group of individuals who have not requested the information and might not want to hear from you. THIS MEANS YOU MAY NOT SEND AN EMAIL TO YOUR ENTIRE CLASS OR TO A CLUB MEMBERSHIP LIST (for example).

Whilst you cannot send bulk unsolicited emails/messages, you can create a Facebook group or event and invite all your friends. Any Facebook communication for election purposes must be shared on the Unitec Students Facebook group. This is only required if you are using Facebook as a campaign medium.

There is to be no communication with voters while they are logged on to the voting system.

Actions that contravene Unitec regulations or statutes will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and may result in disqualification and disciplinary action.


Posters must have the approved “lock-up” which will be provided to you. A “lock-up” is a standard banner and/or set text that must appear on your and all other posters. We will check for this before printing is done.

Each candidate will receive a voucher towards printing costs at the Unitec Copy Centre. All posters must be approved by the Elections team before being printed – please email your proposed design to elections@unitec.ac.nz for approval.

Candidates are expected to exercise common sense when placing posters on and around campus. Candidates may use the free space on poster boards but not if the poster board is labelled for specific purposes only or obviously only used by staff. If you use all the free space so that other candidates cannot use it, we may remove your material to make more space available. Be reasonable.

Candidates must provide a list of where they have placed campaign material (including online) to the Returning Officer so that it can be checked and ticked off, monitored and monitored for removal.

Candidates must not display any promotional material relating to their campaign in the following areas: staff rooms, staff offices, inside classrooms, on glass surfaces, inside lecture theatres, over any Unitec posters. At any point, a candidate may be requested to remove their promotional material from any other area not explicitly defined above, if the location is deemed inappropriate.

Please do not use Sellotape to affix posters (use BluTak or pin posters on noticeboards). No posters are to fixed to glass surfaces such as doors, windows or reception screens. No Posters are to be placed on the walls in the main receptions or information centres.

Candidates are permitted to pass out or leave flyers around campus, with the exception being inside classrooms due to the untidy look that they pose for subsequent classes. Avoid situations where your flyers will end up as litter.

Candidates are responsible for the removal of all their personal campaign publicity by 27 September. Candidates must notify the Returning Officer in writing at elections@edcollective.org.nz that they have removed all campaign material by Wednesday 28 September. Candidates who fail to remove their campaign material by this due date may be subject to the costs of removing the posters.

The Election Team has the Returning Officer’s permission and ability to remove any material that is in contravention of the campaign Code of Conduct.


Candidates are permitted to chalk on concrete/asphalt ground for promotional purposes, provided that what is written or drawn is not offensive. Check with the Elections team at elections@edcollective.org.nz before doing this.

Chalking is to be erased by candidates by 27 September or they may be subject to the costs of removing it.

ELECTION EVENTS (Provisionally booked)

A series of promotional pizza giveaways, BBQs or promotional stalls are planned – candidates will be provided with information of dates/times/locations of these at the candidate briefing to be held Thursday 6 September.

You may wish to attend these events and distribute flyers.


In addition to your 200 word blurb, you can also submit a blog or videos (up to 30 seconds long) to the Student Media website by emailing to elections@edcollective.org.nz.

If you aren’t comfortable creating your own video, please contact us on elections@edcollective.org.nz so that we can book some help for you from our Student Media team.


There is no spending limit, but candidates are advised to have any expenditure or sponsorship from outside sources, or help from non-Unitec students approved by the Elections team first.

Please keep a track of ALL expense items and receipts in case the Returning Officer requests to view these.


Candidates who have breached the Election Rules or committed any fraudulent or dishonest act while campaigning may be sanctioned by the Elections team. Serious breaches may result in disqualification.

Disqualification is appropriate for situations where:

  • The candidate has gained an unfair advantage which cannot be remedied by other sanctions; or
  • The candidate had flagrantly and/or repeatedly breached the Elections team’s instructions.

Other sanctions the Elections team may impose include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of campaigning time or rights;
  • Formal warnings;
  • Deduction of votes;


Voting is online.

Voting will take place from 17 September to 21 September 2018.

Candidates must run against a ‘No Confidence’ option.


Upon the closing of the election, candidates will receive the official results from the Elections team Friday 21 September. Timing of announcement subject to results availability.