The most important thing in getting good grades on your exams is to start your studying early. This week is Study Week and by now, you should be preparing yourself for your exams next week or the week after. Do know what to expect, what you need to study, and what apps you can use to help you be more productive because let’s admit it, you can’t live without your phone close to your hands.

Double check your exam details.

Before you start your study, PLEASE make sure you know:

  • When and where your exam is. It hurts to study for an exam that will happen the week after and end up not studying for an exam this afternoon.
  • How much is the percentage of the exam. If it is 50%, you better study hard out! Cut off your friends for a week. You won’t miss them.

Plan your study.

Create a study plan to help you get the most of your study time. Start by jotting down your exams. It is important to know what date and time your exams are so you can prioritise which to study first. You can also check if you have time for other things, such as group study or practice tests. Remember that you are NOT a super human so be realistic with your plan.

  • Plan to start your study early. You don’t want to study at the last minute and cause more stress.
  • Decide which paper to study first and for how long each day. Don’t focus too much on one paper, except if the exam is worth 80% of your total mark! Make sure you cover each paper because you don’t want to study last-minute and miss the important topics.

Get these apps running.

Get exam-ready with these apps that will prepare your mind and body and raise your motivation levels to kick exam’s butt!

Study Blue provides the digital tools and study material needed to help every student realise their potential! Don’t miss out on what 10 million students use to get better grades, save time, and stress less. Master your next exam with 350+ million flashcards, notes, and study guides to browse.

Alarmy – Sleep If U Can gets you out of bed so you can get on with your study. Nicknamed the “world’s most annoying alarm,” it gives you two options to silent the alarm – either shaking your phone or physically going the place shown on your screen (like your bathroom sink) and taking a picture.

Exam Countdown reminds you sh**’s getting real. When you download this app, you’ll have access to a terrifying clock which tells you how many days, hours, and minutes you have until exam day. If this doesn’t encourage you to hit the books, nothing will.

Rockin Ramen is a recipe app for the starving student, like you. Don’t forget to eat when you study! An empty stomach will lead to an empty brain. Yes, noodles come in bulk and are super cheap but you can’t eat the same thing repeatedly and expect to stay mentally focused. This app allows you to add variety to your low budget diet and love every bite!

Now, you are ready to take on your exams! Don’t forget that the early bird catches the worms. If you put your studying at the last minute, you risk yourself of getting low marks.