Let’s be honest here, you are excited to see Tom Cruise’s latest flick The Mummy. Come on, I know I was.

I can’t remember the original Mummy films but the idea of Universal’s Dark Universe series excited me more than seeing Cruise on another action film. In this reboot, Cruise played Nick Morton, a freelance raider of artefacts that he sells on the black market. He slept with archaeologist Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) only to steal her map to a great “treasure”. He found the treasure, got caught, slapped, and burned (not literally) by Jenny, and has released a beautiful Egyptian princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) who murdered her family so that she could take the throne but was mummified alive and now plans on putting a demon reside inside him (literally).

The next few scenes were full on scary and exciting with the chase and fight scenes coming. I will be completely grossed out if I got attacked by rats, spiders, and zombies as well. And getting a lick from Ahmanet? Ew. It was a good ride until I got confused with the introduction of Dr Hyde (Russell Crowe). I got confused as to why the character was there but maybe it’s a hint for something else. There was a shot of a vampire skull as well so am looking forward to what’s coming next.

The fun didn’t last long though as it got too long and dragging for me. Ahmamet is so strong and feared but it took her so long to cause destruction. And man, how can she be defeated that way? And Tom Cruise, well, I wish they cast a new actor instead. Maybe I’m tired of seeing Cruise on the same genre but his portrayal here just didn’t work for me. Even the leading lady is just another damsel in need of saving.

The Mummy is now showing at theatres near you. See it now!