I wish I was a star so that I could watch you even from a distance all day and all night long.

I wish I was a star because stars twinkle just like reassurance a gesture they make so that I could tell you there’s more and more opportunities to conquer, hurdles to cross, happiness to embrace.

I wish you knew how hard for me it is to read your soul when you’re not around.

Oh, how much I wish to be the wind, that plays with your hair, touches your face, makes you feel alive again because lately, your eyes have lost their spark.
Your eyes that are filled with magic, much like yourself, You’re so graceful and so pure.

I wish to see you more.
I wish to map each part of your existence.

Each day.
Each second.
Each hour.

Every breath you take is momentarily a potential pen down poetry.

I wish you’d stay some minutes maybe a few more so that this poetry won’t be incomplete.

I wish you knew I’m not a pervert to want to watch you from a distance physically.
I’m just an amateur poet watching my next best-written poetry.

I wish I could say, give you some words, that turn you less afraid, less apathetic, less sad.

I wish for so many things.

I pray to God to make you feel safe, feel loved, feel forgiven.
I ask him to help you feel.
Feel the beauty, the passion and that heavenly magic you dearly adore.

I wish to make you less anxious, less distracted from all the peace that nature offers one.

I wish you’d realise it sooner.
Love is first to yourself more than any other human.

I wish to say so many things but my speech stutters uneven.

I look at you.
I see you.
I watch you.

And I’m stunned for a second because somewhere in your eyes,
I notice you do the same.

Words by Akula Sharma.