Send me some of that magic,
She said.
Send me some of that extraordinary magic,
which hides behind your greyish sapphire eyes,
and glows like tinker bell’s pixie dust,
which enhances all the beauty you withhold.

Send me your secret magic spell,
the one that makes me want to know you, more.

Send me some of your security darling’
Some of your most joyous memories,

Send me some of your favourite poems,
The songs that your lips and your smile sing.

I want that Magic, desperately,
So if you must tell me more.
More about that spell,
More about your demons,
More about your struggles,
Your nightmares and why you
smoke those cigarettes alone.

Because I’m curious,
I’m so very confused,
Possibility of wanting you,
keeps increasing.
And I can’t stop,
my fears are gone.
What is that magic?
Send me. Please.

Every time I stop and stare,
at you, that magical spell,
plays in the background,
it is such a melodious tune.
It’s like a trance,
hypnotized my eyes,
your body language,
I keep reading,
keep observing,
I keep admiring,

They say, a picture stared at for a long time,
starts to become a bit faulty,
But darling when I look at you,
Each day you’re a new.

So, send me some of your magic,
That secret spell that confines me in you.
Send me some of your teary eyes,
Send me your desires,
So that I can have a goal,
I want to win you.

I want to feel that magic,
Not alone,
but with you.

I need some of that magic,
Magic that is you.

Else I’ll chug this bottle of wine.
down to the bottom,
and swallow them white coated pills.

Because you know,

Every time I look at you, I see stars,
I see a galaxy I want to explore,
I want to be in you.

Every day I wish to look at you,
I wish to fulfil all of your wishes,
I want to make your dreams come true.

I want to watch you vulnerable,
I want to watch you cry, be weak, be insecure, be shameful,
but be all of that in front of me.

I want to know about that magic spell,
I want to see you glow.

I’m needing some peace.
I need to know what is your soul like,
because without the knowledge of you,
I can’t sleep.
My inner peace is gone,
My heartbeats are stolen,
and all of that makes me go crazy,
So send me some of that magic, if you must,
or else,
this craving shall most likely kill me!

Words and Photo by Akula Sharma