From the moment I took my seat until the moment the performers took their final bow, the audience was treated to a night of song, dance, acting, and so much glitter. Starting with a surprise that was both fun and inventive, sorry I won’t spoil it here, Tassel Me This had me craning my neck to see what other fun surprises the actors were going to try and pull on me next.

Tassel Me This took me on a journey of a young woman named Sarah who, for mysterious reasons, is seeing a psychologist. While we never get to find out why Sarah needed help, it became clear that the plot of the story is meant to take a backseat to the dancing, the music, and all of the glitter that followed. While I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to dance performances, just like in art, I know what I like and I liked this. The dancing and the music came together and complemented each other. Nothing felt odd or out of place in the performance. While only one song was used throughout the evening, different variations of it were performed to help reflect the different styles of dance that were used throughout the evening.

I would like to call out Shani Dickens and Jessie McCall for special attention as these two stars of the show seemed to transition seamlessly from their roles as a patient and a therapist to energetic dancers and back again without ever missing a beat. Their use of a wind machine and the aforementioned glitter was used to great effect to create some very impressive effects.

The dialogue used between the therapist and her patient was laugh-out-loud funny and maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t help feeling that both Dickens and McCall were taking a satirical jab at the way mental health is handled in New Zealand.

I had a great time, and would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun night out with friends. My only regret is that the show is only an hour long, and I never got to see what happened to Sarah. Maybe in the sequel, we’ll see how things turned out for her?

Pro: energetic dance numbers, great choice of music, loved the humour

Con: no plot resolution (What happened to Sarah?)