If you are fond of live entertainment, you should not have missed the Cast C of Unitec Y3 Acting class performing Pierre Beaumarchais’ play The Marriage of Figaro, which was showing last week at Unitec Theatre.

The show was a full house as expected, with people eagerly waiting outside to get in and experience the talent of our students. The audience didn’t just include fellow Unitec students but people of all ages marked their presence as well. Finding the perfect seat was a big task but as soon as the play began, with a sudden gush of actors rushing in with chatters and their strong footsteps hitting the wooden floor, wherever you are is a perfect spot. Each actor possessed a bucketful of expressions which could change in a flash. It was indeed a pleasant sight!

Figaro was very well portrayed by Brendan, although he did struggle with a few dialogues. However, Figaro’s monologues had a tendency to get boring as they were quite long but Brendan made them interesting by playing with gestures using his hands and the subtle emotions in his eyes. Apart from Figaro, Marcelina didn’t fail to impress the audience either. Shelley should receive a big round of applause for depicting a character with a transformative nature, cunning as well as hilarious.

Had there been more background music and better play of lighting, The Marriage of Figaro would have been much better. Nevertheless, the audience did feel engrossed with it right from the moment the most enjoyable Judge entered the scene. The giggles and laughs from the audience couldn’t seem to stop. Justin undeniably did an exceptional job! Also, the director, Elena, must be praised for putting forward such a brilliant synchronized adaptation of Pierre’s play! The way the story unfolds is impressive and has a propensity to turn vain which she didn’t let happen.

In the end, the suspense is remarkably woven into the script which all the actors performed with flair. I still have the imagery of the last scene where they both kiss. Who kisses who? You need to watch it! Let me not reveal the twist but remember this, saying that I enjoyed the performance would be an understatement. I absolutely relished it!

Words by Yashasvi Sharma