They say life’s beauty lies in its unpredictability. What once harmed you might in some way heal you in a different phase. You can’t tell exactly when the first drop of rain would fall but you can always guess.

If my life was set to make me a failure one day, then heaven knows in the brightest days of my future fast forward a decade I might end up creating a precious identity,

maybe, I’d become a star.


So, I shan’t cry in public toilets before my interview, out of anxiety, out of the fear of losing. I shouldn’t assume failure without even attempting! Lack of self-respect, deviating self-confidence, it is all an illusion blurring my path to achieving excellence.

Today, as I was walking on my way to Britomart station from Darby Street, I noticed a few people: an old lady reading a book sitting on the park bench, she was alone; a family of four, eating and enjoying their meal, they were happy and together; a teenage girl crying on the phone, I overheard her saying ‘please don’t go’; a businessman riding BMW sweating tension and stress; and at last, a homeless man laughing with others like him, they were dancing and singing along.

I then started introspecting, What is my ambition? Where am I in life? Who will I end up like? I wish to be happy and successful. Why am I so afraid of creating a masterpiece whichever way it may be criticised? I shouldn’t worry because, Life’s beauty lies in its endless opportunities, opportunities which will rise me up beautifully designed, carved with elegance and maturity.

Maybe I’ll end up having four kids with my beautiful soulmate, because of all materials, Love stands at the top – the Richest.

Life’s beauty lies in marking fearless beginnings and I’m ready to start mine!

Words by Akula Sharma.