My first impression of The Basement Theatre was both warm and friendly. Upon taking my seat, I was offered a marshmallow from one of the actors who would be performing a few moments later. At first, I didn’t know what to expect from Bits and Pieces Ensemble‘s FLAPS – Retouched. I admit I was a bit uncomfortable sitting there in the dark. Google-ing the play a few days earlier, I was led me to believe that I’d be in for a risqué night of x-rated entertainment. However, to be honest, what I saw that night couldn’t be further from the truth.

While the ideas and the themes were all centred around sex, I found that they were handled tastefully with humour and sometimes with a sensitivity you don’t normally find in productions that cover this topic.

FLAPS – Retouched is a series of skits centred on the ideas of sex and sexuality from a female perspective. From the moment it begins, til the time it all comes to a close, the audience is treated to almost every style of entertainment imaginable. Ranging from rap, poetry, and even a ballsy rendition of an Aretha Franklin song, I soon found myself tapping my foot along to the music and laughing with the rest of the audience. Special mention must be given to the skit inspired by the movie ‘Inside Out’!

The actors came across as genuine and seemed to really enjoy entertaining the crowd, which only made their performance that much better. I particularly liked how they would involve the audience with some of their skits.

While I found FLAPS enjoyable and a fun night out, it’s definitely a love-hate sort of affair. If you’re comfortable talking about sex and you don’t mind flashes of nudity, then you may come away happy. However, if nudity and sex make you uncomfortable, or you come from a country where sex is taboo, then it may not be your thing.


Words by Kerry Lee. Photo by Bits and Pieces Ensemble.