I dreamt again,
About having a baby.

You have left for 5 years now,
And little Natasha is 4.

She also dreamt about having
A brother.
Ben lives with us,
He loves Natasha just as you would’ve.

The day you walked out in that military uniform,
I wished to tell you,
You’re not leaving me alone,
But with someone,
that is partly you and partly me.

I dreamt of having you as my child.

Ben and I haven’t planned yet.
But I hope if it’s true,
If I’m really pregnant.
I hope this soul in my womb is yours.

I hope Natasha can see her father in the eyes of her little brother.

Jay, I miss you.
The day they came with the coffin.
Natasha was 6 months fetus.

I dreamt of having you as my baby again.
I dreamt of holding you near to me,

once again.

Not as a wife but maybe as a mother.

Words by Akula Sharma.