Omelette is a platform for artists to showcase and sell their art. It is a place for lovers of creative things to see the talent New Zealand has to offer. Our vision is to forge a creative community to support established and developing artists, provide them with industry exposure and job opportunities so they can thrive. It will not just be for painters – it is intended that it will encompass a wide range of creatives such as photographers, graphic designers, sculptures, drawers, videographers, graffiti artists, digital artists, architectural drawers, innovators, performing artists etc.

Who are the people behind the team?

Montri Jaimeetham (Unitec alumnus) is the founder, designer and marketing manager. Maria Green (co-founder) is looking after all the legal work, making sure everything is well organised and keeping Montri in check! The Spartans Developer Team at Dollar Sign are our website developers and have been a big part of our journey. They’re currently putting the finishing touches on the platform. Danae Ripley, a talented design student at Unitec, is a great support.

What were the motivations behind starting Omelette? Was it a smooth journey?

Montri saw there was a gap in the market for a platform for artists to showcase and sell their art. Montri wanted to do something to add value to the lives of artists and saw this as a way of making it easy for creatives to upload and display their work and letting us do the marketing and create opportunities for them.
Montri wanted there to be one place for consumers to go to – to see the talent NZ has to offer, be inspired, be entertained and purchase creative things. Also, to be able to commission artists whether that be to paint a mural, draw portraits, make a bespoke sculpture or photograph a wedding for example.

For us, success means a business we are proud of and a business which is uniquely us. There’s a long road ahead but we will get there.

The main focus is to forge a creative community which is positive, supportive and inspiring. We want to encourage the development of established artists and those yet to be discovered. It will be great to have one platform hosting all kinds of creative media in one place so artists can be easily discovered.

The idea has only been kept alive by Montri’s unwavering passion and motivation to leave his own creative legacy. It would have been easy to give up as it takes a lot of consistent energy to take an idea and turn it into a reality. Startups are never easy especially with limited time and resource. There have been obstacles along the way and there will be more to come – but we’ve enjoyed the journey so far. We’ve had to keep going, not be disheartened and find a way of solving the problem. It’s great to see the website coming together and visualise its future potential. This has given us renewed energy which will help take us across the finish line!

Who are the people who inspired you along the way?

We’ve got a great group of successful friends and family who have inspired and supported us from the start. They’ve helped point us in the right direction. We’ve taken proactive steps to seek out support and awesome mentors have emerged. We are very fortunate to have had the help we have received – but we’ve been proactive in seeking out help and kept an open mind to opportunities that presented themselves.

What is success for you? How did Unitec help you attain it?

Success to us is being able to do what you love and this is what we are seeking by developing Omelette. It means adding value to the life of creatives, getting them exposure, helping them make money and providing them with opportunities.
For us, success means a business we are proud of and a business which is uniquely us. There’s a long road ahead but we will get there.
Unitec gave Montri his start at university but has been instrumental of late in getting our message out there by allowing us to have our ‘mini launch’ at the Unitec GradFest. We were so pleased at how receptive people were to our idea and saw it had real practical application.
We are very grateful for the support from Unitec for our mini launch. We would like to give special thanks to Bobby Hung, Vanessa Brynes and Danae Ripley for their support. We hope to develop a strong relationship going forward so we can have a mutually beneficial relationship which will really help Unitec design students.

Omelette was established to provide support for local artists. What’s the best piece of advice each one of you can give to those new to the industry?

Don’t give up! If you love what you do, then find the way to do it and get yourself out there. Be consistent, keep learning, keep developing and keep making. Also, there is nothing wrong with sharing and networking with others too. Your beautiful work will be totally useless if you lock it in the dark place or bury them down in your hard drive. Enjoy creating and if it is not working with this one pick yourself up and try again and hopefully you will find that missing ingredient to get you there. Dream big and never lose that fire that got you started in the first place!

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