From the beginning of my studies here at Unitec, I always knew I wanted to study overseas for a semester through its Unijet programme. It didn’t occur to me that I will be going to Canada, though. A lot of people ask me why I choose the country and honestly, I could go on about its beauty, the culture and the diversity, and most of all, not being sunburnt 24/7. That was a large deciding factor for me.

Leaving home can be daunting, especially to those who have an amazing set of family and friends here, but being able to meet a whole new group of people is more rewarding than you think! At first, I thought that I would mostly be involved with other Canadian students as I was living in the halls. However, during my study in Toronto, I felt more at home with all the other international students. We all knew how each other felt – missing family and adjusting to a different way of living. We shared great experiences together like being soaked under the Niagara Falls and staring over the beautiful Toronto city skyline from the CN tower. You wouldn’t feel out of place at all asking questions or wanting a photo because you knew they would want the same thing! I can happily say I’ve made lifelong friends across the globe which I plan on couch surfing one day.

While yes, it’s like one big holiday, you sometimes forget what you’re actually there for. I found it so intriguing comparing the learning styles of Unitec to University of Humber like how they delegate assignments or control a classroom. It made me want to complete my degree there. It was a new experience for me. It was so cool! If you’re lucky, you may get the opportunity to extend your studying for an extra semester and that is something I totally would’ve done. My advice is for you to make sure to look into it ahead of time!

If you decided to go on an adventure of a lifetime via Unijet, you will have a vast range of options with you. You won’t be able to settle on just one! Whether you’d like to just jump across the ditch, enjoy China’s culture, or indulge in French cuisine, Unijet can help! This is the first thing I would recommend to any student of any age. Not everyone has this opportunity right at their doorstep, so why not take a leap of faith? Unitec has a great support system, along with the sister schools across the globe, who are always there to lend a helping hand. While you’re there, why not inspire some of their students to join us here in NZ? I’m currently planning a road trip around the South Island with two students from Humber and they couldn’t be more excited!

So why wait any longer, start packing! Unijet is waiting for you!

For further information please click here. The application close date for Unijet Exchange for Semester 2 is 14 April 2017.

Words and Photo by Megan Wolak.