When we think about inspiration, we think of those ordinary people that have done extraordinary things in either our lives or for the world. We admire them for standing up for their beliefs and for being talented, selfless, patriotic, creative, innovative, or visionary. Without these people, the world would not be the same; our own lives would not be the same.

But one thing these extraordinary people teach us is that all we need to do to inspire others is something “extra” in our ordinary lives. This issue of the magazine brings us students with extraordinary stories to tell. From an international student showing us a different side of India to a group of students standing up to deliver the best Unitec student life experience, from a loving daughter fighting to remember the good memories spent with her ailing dad to a daughter receiving a heartfelt advice for her new chapter in life, from students showcasing their talent to everyone reading this issue to former students helping others to showcase their works, and from a group of students who teamed up to give our students a space to use for leisure and study to a group of individuals helping our students with their legal and study needs… inspiration is all around the campus! The best thing is that you have it in you to inspire others too.

Yes, some people have had opportunities to transform and connect the world in ways in ways that can never be repeated, but remember that many of those extraordinary people experienced hardship and even poverty, and they didn’t let it stop them. They climbed the mountain in front of them and they did it not because they are extraordinary, but because they were not afraid to overcome the challenges they faced.

They, too, are ordinary people and they are a reminder that many of us fail to see the greatness within ourselves. We don’t need to make it onto the TV to be extraordinary. We don’t need the whole world to know our names. You can inspire one person and that person will remember you for the rest of their life. That can be your legacy. Changing someone’s life.

Use your time here in Unitec to tell stories, to inspire people by your words and actions. We can help you do that but first, believe in yourself.

See you, Miguel