Let’s just start off by saying how good it was to say goodbye to 2016. We were running out of legends; shocked by Brexit and then, Trump. We spent the last twelve months waiting to get to 2017, and now, it’s finally here. To ensure we squeeze out all the goodness owed to us, revolutionary resolutions are a must.

When you first start thinking about your resolutions, it can be tempting to write a list of everything you regret from New Year’s Eve and then put ‘Stop’ in front of it. Maybe you’d even be justified. Nevertheless, the start of a year is simply too good an opportunity to miss. Apparently only about half of people get around to writing down their resolutions, so if you simply do that, you’re already ahead. But choose well!

Want to build up your self-esteem, but just don’t think you’ll be able to do it? Want to find an app to help you spend less unproductive time online? Want to spend some quality time devising a way to stop procrastinating? Nooooo!

Statista reports that the New Year’s resolutions most like to fail include losing weight, stopping smoking, spending less and exercising more. Depressing right? Fortunately, Student Media has found a few ideas to revolutionise your New Year’s Resolution dilemma. Whether it’s kind, funny or simple, we suggest going for a small change and big impact; smarter not harder.

Here are a few of our favourite 2017 New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Cut one person out of your life who you truly do not like and add one person who you truly do. Note: not on Facebook, on Earth.
  2. Practice self-compassion. Talk to yourself the same way you’d talk to a friend you really care about.
  3. Look at your bank balance once a week. Refusing to doesn’t mean you have more money.
  4. Call someone on the phone at least once a week and have a proper chat for ten minutes or more.
  5. Don’t overthink everything. Sometimes it’s ok for things to go wrong or people not to like you.
  6. Open everything that comes in a scary window envelope and deal with it then and there.
  7. Stop setting three alarms on your phone just so that you can go back to sleep after the first one.
  8. Never again go back to a boy/girl’s house you’re not really into just because you can’t be arsed to get the night bus home.
  9. Try four new things. No, cocktails and chocolate flavours don’t count. Think of a sport you’ve never done or a chore someone else usually takes care of, and give it a go.
  10. Actually grin every time you use a smiley face or laugh every time you write LOL.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, Student Media wishes you the very best for 2017. Don’t forget that whatever challenges you face or successes you earn, Student Media is here for students, by students. Like our Facebook page for news, inspiration and support in 2017, and tell us how you’re going!