Air pollution in China is not a big secret. Beijing raised up its thresholds for issuing its highest air pollution warnings early this year. The capital city’s acting mayor, Cai Qi, was reported saying that the 2022 goals of filling the city with fresh air will not be met. It may seem impossible for Chinese people to breathe fresh air again but a solution has come.

Chinese can now breathe clean air by purchasing a bottle of fresh air from countries such as New Zealand and Canada, to name a few. A South China Morning Post reports that a 7.7 litre bottle of “pure, hand-bottled, pollution-free and oxygen-rich air from New Zealand” normally costs ¥699 (NZ$143.32), but thanks to a hefty discount it is being sold for ¥219 (NZ$44.90) per bottle.

Pure Kiwi Air came up with the idea of bottled fresh air “after spending some time in Asia and seeing people wearing paper surgical masks to  try and protect their lungs from the smog.” They offer New Zealand bottled air from 4.0, 7.7, and 9.0 litres. Another bottled air company, Vitality Air, sells air collected in Canada and a 7.7 litre bottle costs around ¥108 (NZ$22.34).

With bottled air now available to the public, you can take New Zealand with you anywhere you go. New Zealand air, that is! Would you spend money to breathe a bottle of fresh air? Let us know on the comment box below.