What is the FCC Party? It’s a special annual tradition and also much, much more.

Since its creation, at the end of the very first class of the Master of Osteopathy programme, the FCC Party it has steadily become one of the most highly anticipated celebrations for osteo students.  The event is hosted by students for their classmates and importantly, the staff who have supervised clinical practica and taught within the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

After the ups and downs of five years of the osteopathic degree, it’s nearing the time for students to come together with tutors and supervisors to honour all their hard work and make merry.

Osteo student Kelly Burnett says, “Most of us have been together since the class of 2012, joined by others along the way. We began our journey in Waitakere, where we remained for the next three years, all with a common goal – to make it out of the third year alive! During the undergrad programme, we became a tight knit bunch, amplified by the fact we get down to our underwear for technique classes from day one.”

“Then came the masters; we finally made it to the clinic. As we began to treat our first patients, the tutors helped calm our nerves and use the skills we had learned to help our patients. They nurtured us through our initial time in the clinic, guided us through the middle and are challenging us for the final leg.”

“During our time in Clinic 41 and through associated events, like the marathon osteo treatment tent, we have formed bonds with our tutors, and there has been a shift from teacher-student to colleagues in many ways. The FCC party is the main opportunity for us to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. This occasion allows us to come together and celebrate our academic achievements and recognise those who contributed to this, before heading out into the big wide world.”

Osteo work at Auckland Marathon