What do Will Ferrell, Catwoman and Boris Johnson all have in common? Student Council, that’s what! And, if these three aren’t enough to inspire you to consider standing for election, there are plenty of other big names who first made their mark by representing their fellow students.

It’s no surprise that some of the most powerful politicians in the world started out as Student Presidents. Hillary and Bill Clinton (US), Julia Gillard (Aus), and Michael Gove (UK) all won their first campaigns while they were studying. New Zealand politicians have followed this pathway, too. Mr Grant Robertson, the MP for Wellington, was a Student President as was Mr Peter Dunne. It’s interesting to wonder what his former University-of-Canterbury-Students’-Association-President-self would think of his current position on student-related policies! Chris Hipkins, the opposition’s spokesperson for education, was a student president for two years, as well as being the regional chairperson for Student Job Search. It’s logical, really. If you hope to be a leader of people, or influence the way our society is run, beginning when you’re at uni or tech can give you a head-start.

Did you think standing up for your classmates could equip you to go head-to-head with Batman, defeat Magneto or become the world’s most famous ass-kicker? Well, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman and Bruce Willis started off in student politics. Being on Unitec Student Council is a varied and demanding role but you will definitely be a hero. You’ll also come out of it with new skills you’d never imagined.

The role of the Unitec Student Council is to improve students’ lives and experiences by communicating and collaborating with the management and services of Unitec, the government, and the media. In reality, this encompasses everything from connecting with Class Reps and students over issues that are concerning them, serving up at soup day and maybe even flinging yourself down a waterslide. The main pre-requisites are that you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, listen and speak up for your fellow learners. Basically, you’ve got to be someone who is prepared to make a difference.

The upshot is, if you’re ready to take your place in history, then go and fill in the nomination form by clicking here. Now. Right now. You never know where it might take you!

P.S.  Did we mention that Oprah Winfrey started as a class president too?  She now has her own plane, magazine, radio station, angel network and leadership academy.